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All our workshops are facilitated on request at your offices, or at our office at One Moorgate Place, London, or via zoom.

Our signature workshops range from 60 – 90 minute taster Sessions and can be delivered to small or large audiences.

Our Team, Group and Awayday sessions are bespoke and range from two hours to full day programmes. Details of the programmes can be provided on request.

Leading with
Emotional Intelligence


More than 25 years ago, Daniel Goleman found that EQ is 6 x more important than IQ in determining inspirational and outstanding leadership and success in the workplace. Even people with many apparent leadership strengths can benefit from understanding those areas of EQ where they have room to grow.


  • Uncover the science behind EQ

  • Appreciate that all EQ competencies are learned and learnable capabilities

  • Assess your own EQ and develop the emotional and social skills that drive effective leadership
Our workshops can cover any of the 10 EQ competencies in detail (on their own or in clusters), depending on the audience and needs


60 minute, half day and full day interactive and practical workshops, exploring the key EQ competencies. For the half day/one day workshops only, all participants will undertake a questionnaire measuring 10 key EQ competencies that drive effective leadership, using RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (“ECR”).

The key 10 x EQ competencies include: Self-knowing, Self-confidence, Self-reliance, Self-control, Empathy, Straightforwardness, Relationship skills, Self-Actualiation, Optimism and Adaptability.

Managing Conflict
and Outsmarting Stress​


Research has found that 85% of people are afraid of conflict and that one in six workers experience depression, stress and anxiety (Mind). Skilful self-management at times of stress is one of the best predictors of success. Increasing your psychological agility and resilience will help you cope with chronic stress and prevent burnout.


Recognise stress as a constant and necessary constituent of the modern workplace
  • Spot mental health challenges in oneself and others and feel empowered to address them.

  • Develop emotionally intelligent strategies to nurture mental resilience.


60 minute, half day and full day interactive and practical workshops, exploring how to deal with both types of conflict, in a calm and straightforward way and enable yourself and others to do their best thinking.

Being straightforward starts with understanding and responding to your own needs and those of others, whilst maintaining a calm, yet authoritative presence to create a win-win outcome.

The session will equip the participants with practical skills for outsmarting stress and preserving their energy and that of their team.

Managing your
Personal Brand


Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. And if more than one person “perceives” you in a certain way, perception has become reality. Thriving in the modern workplace depends upon clarifying your values and what you stand for (your Personal Brand) and actively staying aligned with it.

Find out if you are being overlooked or looked over and what you need to do to change it.


Appreciate the importance of self-promotion and the value of bravery over perfection
  • Discover what makes up a Personal Brand

  • Build your own personal brand elevator pitch – What do you want to be known for?


A 60-90 minute interactive and practical session on creating and nurturing a Personal Brand.

The participants will build their own Personal Brand based on their values and strengths. Gaining clarity on your signature strengths will ensure a personal profile and presence that are differentiated, compelling and “on message” for career success.



Collaboration plays a crucial role in today’s complex interdependent world, whilst the competition and survival of the fittest shrink to make room for collective action.

Collaborating is often messy, risky, and expensive. Unless you know why you’re collaborating and how to do it effectively, it may not be smart at all. Find out what gets in the way of collaboration. And is collaboration always a good thing?


  • Appreciate when collaboration helps and when it hinders performance.

  • Assess your own individual style of dealing with conflict and collaboration.

  • Diagnose the obstacles that get in the way of smart collaboration and find practical tools to improve collaboration across the team(s).


60-90 minute and half day interactive workshops. The session will give you practical ways of collaborating effectively and still compete efficiently to deliver outstanding results, by shifting from a win-lose mindset to a win-win mindset.
“Leveraging your Strengths for high performance was a terrific session. Engaging and thought provoking.”
Managing Director
“An engaging and energetic session. EQ is a highly powerful area that has the ability to influence the most in life. EQ self report helped to crystallise areas of strengths and weaknesses.”
Senior VP
“This has been a superb session – insightful and credible., I could have listened for much longer.”
Senior Director
“Fantastic session. I came in sceptical but left totally converted. In 60 minutes we covered so much and left with the beginnings of our own Personal Brand statements. Thank you for such a thought provoking interactive discussion.”
Senior Director,
Arrow Global
"The EQ workshop's topic was hugely relevant in the modern world and law firm partners could learn a lot! Engaging, approachable and successfully developed in an environment that involved the audience. Thank you very much!“
Squire Patton Boggs
“Thank you so much for delivering an exceptional workshop for our Women Network. The impact you had, has already made a difference. I can’t thank you enough for all your thoughtfulness, time and superb energy.”
Senior Director
“Fantastic session, I came in sceptical but left totally converted. In 60 minutes we covered so much and left with the beginnings of our own Personal Brand statements. Thank you for such a thought provoking interactive discussion.”
Senior Director
Arrow Global